Lab Automation

Flexible Scientific is a worldwide leader in lab automation, lab robotics, and GLP consulting. Our solutions are used to simplify lab processes, speed time to discovery, and improve lab quality and ergonomics. If you have any follow up questions to the links below, feel free to contact us, or call us at (888) 538-8715.

Lab Automation Made Simple
How It Works
1: Our design staff consults with you.
2: We propose a targeted solution.
3: We build, test, and integrate.


Step 1: Our design staff consults with you.

Step 1: Lab Automation Our engineering design staff has experience with small and large scale projects associated with the laboratory and lab manufacturing environment. We first begin our projects with a detailed assessment of the automation issue, and ask questions about the greater system in order to streamline your process.

Step 2: We propose a targeted solution.

Step 2: Lab Automation We quickly get to work creating a custom tailored solution to your scientific need. Our designs can include 2D Solidworks schematics, and 3D printing to visualize the final product, depending on your need. The overarching goal of a Flexible Scientific lab automation proposal is to simplify visualization, and hand the customer a clear idea of how a process will be significantly improved.

Step 3: We build, test, and integrate.

Step 3: Lab Automation After a project proposal is approved, our technicians get to work building your automated system. After sourcing parts and assembly, our team begins an extensive quality control process to ensure the automated lab system meets expectations. This may include ongoing testing and follow up, depending upon customer need.

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