Lab Arms CategoryAtlas Copco SML MK II Series Torque Arms

By mounting your assembly tool on a SML MK II torque arm you will immediately increase the productivity and reduce muscular stress from your operators. All arms are delivered with integrated balancer, 3-axis movement and the Atlas Copco interface for tool holders. The 3-axis movement allows the operator to ease the arm effortless around the workstation.

  • 3-axis movement for maximum flexibility
  • Strong and durable desing
  • Integrated balancer to support tool and arm weight
  • High torque capacity, up to 1000 Nm
  • Same tool holder interface as SML T /SMS T / SMC for arms up to 150 Nm
We have the largest selection of laboratory arms to meet the needs of every application. Our lab arms are designed to improve ergonomics and reduce strain on your operators and ultimately increase overall productivity.