Hanna Brix Refractometer

Hanna Instruments offers multiple sugar brix refractometer models to meet the requirements of the food industry. The digital refractometers are rugged, portable and water resistant for measurements in the lab or field. Each instrument offers a specific analysis to determine accurate sugar concentration.

Sugar Scales: Sucrose, Fructose, Glucose
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Kruess Hand-Held Brix Refractometer

Kruess Optronics has a wide range of digital hand-held brix refractometer models suitable for every day use with easy handling and fast measuring results. The manual hand-held refractometers have been designed for quick daily application, and are delivered complete with conversion tables and case.

Available: Digital and Manual
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Gemstone refractometers are used for the classification and quality control of gemstones. The gemstone to be examined is simply placed on the prism with a drop of contact fluid.

Accuracy: 0.01 nD
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Kruess Abbe Brix Refractometer

The Abbe brix refractometer is used to determine the refractive index otherwise known as the index of refraction. It is based on the principle of total reflection which occurs at the boundary between the prism and the sample.

Accuracy: 0.1 %Brix
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Kruess DR6000 Brix Refractometer

Digital lab refractive index and brix refractometers from A. Kruess Optronic are setting new benchmarks on many counts. An intuitive touchscreen presents a clear overview of all data and functions and the integrated SQL database stores all data and allows external access via a network or standalone PC.

Preset scales: Refractive Index [nD], %Brix
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Kruess Process Brix Refractometer

The process refractive index and brix refractometer by Kruess Optronics was developed for direct installation in pipelines and boilers, and is ideal for process monitoring, control and separation of products in the chemical, beverage, food, pulp and paper as well as sugar industries.

Accuracy Up To: 0.00002 nD
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Brix Refractometer Calibration Liquids

Kruess Optronics calibration Liquids to be used with Kruess Optronic brix refractometer models. All bottles contain 30cc, and are supplied with a certificate.

Certified calibration liquid
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