Kruess MSZ 5000 Series CategoryMSZ5000-T-IL-TL

MSZ5000 - Professional Stereo Microscopes

Robust stereo-zoom-microscope for professional use, examination of electronics, precision engineeringsynthetic/plastic products and medical products.

Used for inspection, assembly, analysis, soldering and polishing and for precision- and smooth finishing work. An excellent tool for use in quality control.

Due to large zoom range and excellent depth-focus these allow for pleasant work conditions in many fields of application. The robust metal housing ensures reliable performance even in a rougher environment.

  • Zoom feature for continuous magnification settings

  • great depth-focus

  • Incident and transmitted light (dep. upon features)

  • With 45° angled view and dioptre adjustment and adjustable eye-distance from 51to 75 mm

  • Range of vision- Ø: 32.8-5.1 mm

  • Power supply: 230 V or 115 V

Stereo Microscope


Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer Kruess Optronics
Weight .1
Chamber Volume (L/cu ft)
Temperature Range (Range(C/F))
Temp. Fluct. (C/F) at 100C
Temp. Var. (C/F)at 100C
Interior Dim. (WxDxH)(mm/in)
Exterior Dim. (WxDxH)(mm/in)
Electrical Requirements
Refrigerator (HP)
Vacuum range
Nozzle size (mm/inch)
Motion Type
Frequency (RPM)
Orbit Size (mm/inch dia.)
Recip stroke length (mm/inch)
Platform Dim.(W×L)(mm/inch)
Overall Dim.(W×L×H)(mm/inch)
Fluc. @ 25C/37C(R type)(±C/F)
Stirring Capacity (L, H20)
Speed range(rpm)
Speed display
Speed Control Type
Motor rating input/output(W)
Magnetic bar (mm/inch, Ø× Length), Max
Load capacity (kg/lbs)
Top Plate Material
Test Tube sponge rack material
Top Plate Dim.(mm/inch, Ø)
Body material
Body color
Max. temp
Permissible ambient temp.(C)
Permissible rel. humidity(%)
Power consumption (W)
Protection class acc. to DIN EN 60529
Speed Control
Stirring Positions
Stirring point dist.(mm/inch,WxD)
Motor Type
Drive System
Load, max (kg/lbs)
Max. supp. load incl. attachment-kg
Safety Device
Operating Mode
Airflow Type
Air Volume (min/max)
Laminar Air Velocity (m/s /fpm)
Air Cleanliness In Working Area
HEPA Filter
Noise Level
Working Surface Material
Front/Side Window Material
Illumination Intensity (lux)
FL Lamp (w)
UV Lamp (w)
Electrical Socket Outlets
Temperature Stability (C/F)
Cooling Capacity at -20C (-4F),W
Cooling Capacity at 0C (+32F),W
Cooling Capacity at +20C (+68F),W
Max Pump Pressure/Flow Rate
Max Suction Flow Rate
Bath opening/depth (WxL,D)(mm/inch)
Weight of Body & Stand (Lb)
Main Filter
Air Flow Meter
Face Velocity
Permissable Environmental Conditions
Overall Dim. (w/Stand) (WxLxH)(mm/inch)
Temperature Fluctuation (±C/F) @ 37C
Temperature Variation (±C/F) @ 37C
Temperature Fluctuation (±C/F) @ 25C
Temperature Variation (±C/F) @ 25C
Volume Range
Seat Type
Seat Size
Seat Height Range
Seat Color
Back Size
Lumbar Depth
Heating Ramp Rate
Cooling Ramp Rate
Speed Increment
Operating Modes
Tilt Angle
Sterilization Time
Load Capacity
Operating Temperature Range
Temperature Range
Temperature Resolution
Temperature Uniformity
Temperature Accuracy
Temperature Increments
Chamber Dimensions
Chamber Material
Reproducibility (+/-)
Linearity (+/-)
Pan Size (mm/in)
Calibration Type
Calibration Weight (g)
Readability (High Res-D)
Readability (NTEP-E)
Material (Pan/Base Frame)
Application Level/Display
Options Included
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Response Time (avg)
Braking time from max speed
Dimensions (WDH) in
Max Rotor Capacity
Maximum RPM
No. of rotors
18-place rotor for 1.5/2ml tubes
Acceleration time (seconds)
Braking time (seconds)
Short spin for quick runs
Full-digit display of time and speed
Soft touch one finger-lid closure
Control panel types
Footprint (WxD)
24-place rotor for 1.5/2ml tubes
PCR-strip rotor
Short spin programmable to desired speed
Adjustable alarm volume
Maintains constant 4 deg C at max speed
ECO shut-off
Condensation drain
30-place rotor for 1.5/2ml tubes
Cryo tube and HPLC vial rotor (18 place)
15/50 ml & Vacutainer rotor (6/12 place)
MTP/PCR plate rotor
User-defined programs
FastTemp programmable
Temperature Control Range
Power supply
Maximum power requirement
OptiBowl quiet operation w/o rotor lid
Rotor kit for spin columns 1.5/2ml tubes
Metal rotor bowl for easy cleaning
Generator Probe
Volume (microliters)
Percent Accuracy - 10% Volume
Percent Precision - 10% Volume
Interior Dimensions
Exterior Dimensions
Jacket Type
Access Port
Interior Outlet
Platform Dimensions
Oscillation Rate
Max Temperature
Min Temperature
Type of Thermostat
Ocular Stereo
Me 10x wide field eyepieces
Mo 7-45x zoom-objective
Objective Type
Lighting 13 V 20 W incident and transmitted light, continuously adjustable
Special Features Continuous magnification, third tubular feature to connect to photo and video camera
Measurement (Refractive Index)
Measurement (Sugar Scale)
Accuracy (Refractive Index)
Accuracy (Sugar Scale)
Resolution (Refractive Index)
Resolution (Sugar Scale)
Built-in Peltier Thermostat
Flow through cell
Measuring Method
Measuring Range
Measuring Units
Temperature Measurement
Volume (ccm)
Length (mm)
Manufacturer Part Number MSZ5000-T-IL-TL
pH Range
pH Resolution
pH Accuracy
mV Range
mV Resolution
mV Accuracy
Ion Range
Ion Resolution
Ion Accuracy
Conductivity Range
Conductivity Resolution
Conductivity Accuracy
Body Type
Fill Solution
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